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Group of professional dentists and lab technicians who believe in the higher purpose of dentistry...


  • We  bring dental solutions
  • We provide best quality products 
  • We run market analysis 
  • We provide education

Our Solutions

Introducing Biomaterials, Impression materials, burs, Dental devices and lab materials to perform as a comprehensive provider and supporter in the industry.




We provide a trusted advice and consultation along with all the products that dental implantologists need, enabling them to deliver the best quality patient care with the most cost and time effective options

  • Digital planning
  • Implant Systems
  • Soft tissue management
  • Prosthesis solutions
  • Bone generation




“Let Us Help You Do Great Root Canals.” —Charles J. Goodis, DDS
EdgeEndo brand is titled with Performance, Price, and Technology. with a variety of options to efficiently cover all solutions for endo practitioners

  • Endo files system
  • Endo products
  • Endo motors




Powered by Approximately 22,000 Team Schein Members worldwide,HenrySchein’s network of trusted advisors provides more than 1 million customers globally with more than 300 valued solutions that help improve operational success and clinical outcomes
BA / light cure




Whether you are a lab owner, clinic owner, dentist, or lab technician, we find you the best equipment for your practice and business.
From dental chairs, to intraoral scanners, motors
you are covered with zircon medical equipment.

Digital solutions



For high tech and digital workflow enthusiasts, tell us your end goal, we give you a simplified digital workflow
We present to you R2Gate innovative diagnostic software for dental implants, and the variety of digital equipment that you need to take yourself in a trip to the future of dentistry




MegaGen International Network of Education & Clinical Research
MINEC is a non-profit organization founded in Korea in 2002 following the recommendations made by an international group of clinicians and research workers.
It was formed as an international, interdisciplinary and independent science based forum for all professionals interested in implant dentistry.

From Saeshin



Certified for medical device quality management in the UK A selected star company from Daegu for its technological advancements and vision.

Implant Systems

Total Healthcare Innovator


by Megagen

A special biologically-inspired design, offers effective treatment solutions that…


by Megagen

Strong Solution for Narrow Ridge Designed for your convenience with better …



by Megagen

Natural emergence profile – with every healing abutment, temporary crown and …


Megagen international network of education and clinical cases a non-profit organization
"CONNECT & stay ahead of the game"

Our Partners


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